Saturday, January 11, 2003

shut up, shaq. just shut the fuck up, you little (ok, big) bitch. your team is 16-20. shut your hole and play some ball, win some games. then, and only then, I might give a flying fuck what you have to say. [and btw, I firmly believe that irwin tang is on the mark: "Let’s not beat around the bush. If a white player had, for instance, made monkey sounds to taunt a black player, it would have been a national controversy. But Yao is Chinese and Asians are fair game." if, say, john stockton had said something similar to shaq, o'neal'd be holding press conferences with johnnie cochran right about now.]

at least my team is tied for the east lead, 27-10 overall and 16-1 at home. yay.

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