Wednesday, January 08, 2003

some other grammy observations:
+remy shand sucks. no, really, he does - have you heard him?
+not much better: floetry.
+oh, fuck it, I don't care enough to write a treatise this year. more than any year in at least the last five, the grammy nominations really, truly suck. normally they're only so-so, I grant you. but this year, they're horrid. part of that's 'cause it was a wretched year for popular music - not for music in general, mind you, just the hits - and part of it's that the academy seems to be veering out-of-touch again. I mean, kenny g and brian mcknight for best r-and-b duo/group? petey pablo for best r-and-b album (did anyone even buy that?)? no doubt's "hella good" for best dance recording, for pete's sake?! stop the insanity! I'm so annoyed. you got my predix for the big four. that's it, no more. and yeah, I'll watch 'em, I always do. but this year, I'll do it grudgingly.

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