Saturday, January 10, 2004

It's the freakin' weekend, which means it's time for new downloads.

***Warning: shameless begging ahead.*** In case I haven't made it clear, I desperately want and need the Deluxe Edition reissue of Diana Ross's 1980 classic diana. It's about $30 for a 2 CD set, so I haven't afforded it yet for myself. [It's on my wish list, hint hint.] The album is augmented with the original production and mix by the Chic Organization, never before released (Diana's people didn't think that mix spotlit her enough). Also included is a bonus disc of original remixes of '70s Ms. Ross classics, such as "No One Gets the Prize/The Boss" - no crappy 2003 trance mixes here. "My Old Piano," featured this week, is from the originally-released version of diana. No matter whose mix it is, it's gorgeous.

No one seems to know anything, and I mean anything, about The Diff'rent Darkness. Their EP Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Darkness came out recently in the UK; unsurprisingly, it's covers of three songs by, of course, The Darkness. Early rumors pegged it as a guerilla effort by The KLF, but I seriously doubt that. It sounds almost like a cross between Black Box Recorder and Goldfrapp to my ears. Either way, their cover of "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" is so worth hearing.

I've decided this week, in light of bloggers such as Sasha and Erik posting their original music recordings of late, to post my two favorite "records" by bloggers from 2003. The first is from a guy whose name I honestly can't remember; he was an NYC boy who had a great music-and-popcult blog, and stopped posting circa February of last year. Before he did so, he posted a great 1:08, gently funking, perfect-for-driving instrumental titled "countryside," as brainchild. Anyone remember who he was? And know if he's posting again? I'd love to know. The other's from my bloghost, chief rocka Paul, under the nom de plume Merlin Grotto. He first posted "Nachtpanik" for download back in February, and I described it then as "a kind of chillout techno track." What I forgot, however, was the obvious debt the track owes to Kraftwerk. And, really, it's nearly on their par. Whether I was privileged to count Paul as a friend or not (which, fortunately, I am), I'd still tell you that "Nachtpanik" is pretty fucking great.

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