Wednesday, January 07, 2004

My two favorite tracks from Speakerboxxx/The Love Below are "Prototype" and "The Way You Move." Regarding which:
1) "Prototype" reminds me, naggingly, of some '80s college rock group. Something vaguely Echo and the Bunnymen-ish, but not. And there are moments when it almost has a Cocteaus feel. But that's not it, either. Anyone have any ideas?
2) I wish I could dance like Big Boi in the "Move" video - he doesn't dance very well, per sé, but he looks so damn cool doing it. I'll never be that cool. And I am mad at Big Boi for using the word "manwhore" - and that I just realized it today. Jeffy's been calling me that for years, y'all.

Speaking of S/TLB, it's part of the topic of the first post over at Keith Harris' new blog (one of three planned, apparently), As Yet Untitled. Thanks to Sasha Frere-Jones for pointing it out. Actually, stank you very much.

Addendum: Eureka! Erik helped me figure it out, re: "Prototype": that guitar reverb is all Lloyd Cole and the Commotions' Rattlesnakes chopped-and-screwed! Who's with us on this one?

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