Saturday, September 20, 2003

Hurricane Isabel Journal

20 September 2003

+12:10am: I think Martin Bonhoefer said, "'tis better to light a candle than to curse the darkness." That may be so, but it's hard - and he wasn't used to A/C. Tried to sleep for over an hour, starting ca. 1030pm, but just laid in bed, naked and sweating. Finally got up and saw floodlights on Colley, in front of the Max. Pulled on sandals, a t-shirt and some trunks, and went outside for cool air. And in hopes I'd see Dominion Power working - but alas, no. It was a 13News truck doing a live remote. Annoyed. Then walked a bit, surprised by the few cars I still saw going up & down on Colley. Walked down to Hampton Blvd., and saw lights on near Princess Anne, and in the condos in front of my bus stop. Then, walking back up north on Colley, saw that the traffic light at 21st is on again. Hopeful signs, but we're still in the dark and steamy. Was glad I took a flashlight with me. Back in the apartment now, nearly dripping with sweat. I just wish I could sleep, let alone comfortably... it's got to be at least 80 degrees in here, ugh.

+7:50pm: Actually slept for 6, 6.5 hours. Nice to wake up not sweating - apartment finally cooled of overnight. Still no power, obviously.

Other observations from last night: very quiet - could hear lots of crickets (and the fucking generator from San Antonio Sam's). Also heard lots of police & fire sirens from all over the city, which was a little weird/scary.

Going to head out and see what's open with power. Rite Aid's been running off generator; I assume that means they have cold drinks. Would like to find some hot coffee for Michael, too - this is the first time I've ever seen 7-11s closed.

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