Thursday, September 11, 2003

Now appearing above, you can see what I'm playing (or most recently played) on Winamp 2.91, thanks to Audio Tracker (I "heart" freeware!). Thanks also to Joe for help with my HTML coding problems. Geeks rool, dude!

A word about the first song to show up, which makes me look really, rilly gay: the Peter Rauhofer mix of Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" is a prime example of how circumstances (can) affect our listening, and our response(s) to music. "Beautiful" is a nice enough song, and its video is a queer triumph, getting boy-on-boy tongue action (and transvestism, which is queer if not gay) all over MTV and TRL. But Rauhofer's remix is devastating - to quote Jay-Hova, it's the [gay] anthem, get ya damn hands up. But it didn't hit me just so until early one Sunday morning at Ziegfield's. It was my first big trip out in DC (with the inimitable 'fer playing tourguide), back in June, and we were at Secrets, drunk and ogling the naked boys. I needed some fresh air, so ventured over to the faux-patio at Ziegfield's (the two clubs are connected). Before I could get a smoke in, though, I heard the siren song of Rauhofer's tribal/house mix of what will likely end up as XTina's definitive song, and was consumed with the need to dance, to commune with my queer brethren, to become part of the mass. There I was, dancing with at least a hundred others, part of a living, writhing beast. It was a moment, one with which I'll forever link this mix - and one which will forever enhance my love and devotion for it.

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