Monday, September 15, 2003

Odds & ends:

I love this article from regarding the Rock Hall nominees, just for calling Prince "the divinely nasty legend" - truer words never spoken, et cetera...

Would anyone really notice if Sisqo went to jail? [There's an obvious thong joke to be made here, but I'm not making it.]

Sad to see that Billy's without a band, again. Maybe time, finally, for that Corgan solo album?

I've gotta think that the Supremes are not going to want to get involved with the California recall - Florida 2K, anyone?

And with all due respect to Julie Foudy, "The impact of the WUSA on women's sports and millions of fans has been extraordinary" is a rather large bit of hyperbole. The impact of the Women's World Cup in 1999? Hell yes. The impact of the WUSA, whose TV deal was with friggin' PAX? Um, that would be a no.

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