Friday, September 12, 2003

The specter of death hangs over Oh, Manchester today. Not only because of the passing of Mr. Cash ( has a really superb obituary and appreciation of the Man in Black), but I just read a gorgeous piece on Warren Zevon's passing by Eppy, who it turns out works at Artemis - which would be the label which has released the last three Zevon records. There's also the news that Jewel's bassist has died, which is very sad - but there's an upside, which is that Jewel's cancelled her tour. And then, as it would happen, I'm listening to Kings of Rock, a Run-D.M.C. comp I made last December, shortly after the death of Jam Master Jay. Weird day; more thoughts as they come.

Update: the appreciations of Johnny Cash are starting to roll in. Besides's fine piece (linked above), here's one from, some (as always) fine writing from Erik, and a great review of his career at

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