Sunday, October 12, 2003

10/11/03, 945pm: I’m on the 12th floor of the Clarion Hotel-State Capitol in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina (Matt, I tried to reach you – damned unlisted numbers!). The Clarion is a round hotel, which fascinates and thrills me. It means that each and every room is angular, like a slice of pie. It also means that each and every room has a balcony, which makes me incredibly gleeful. Balconies are our friends (and as long as I don’t look directly down, I’m fine). Viewed from downtown, Raleigh/Durham is gorgeous: a downtown lit up like so many proverbial Christmas trees, surrounded by rolling hills dotted with radio towers amidst their blanket of trees. It turns out I’m only two blocks from Flex, Raleigh’s leather/bear club, which is a lot of fun – and if I have my way, will be even more fun than usual for me, tonight. I came down here with a friend to see how much trouble we can get into, and trust – I’m not worried.

After the frankly crap week I had, I needed an impromptu trip along these lines. The drive down from Norfolk was perfectly leisurely, meandering our way to 95 South via US 58. Lots of tree damage, more the further west we drove – reminders of Isabel, who seems so far in the past but in reality was proving herself a bitch barely 3 weeks ago.

10/12/03, 330pm: ...and a good night was had by all. Flex was fun; the local leathermen were having a bar night, which meant jello shooters and lots of guys in chaps and leather pants.

And I got further confirmation that apparently, not-thinking/realizing-you're-flirting is just as good as flirting. Since when is making conversation (about the Dem presidential candidates, no less) actually flirting? Well, I guess it just is. Thus, delightful to hear that apparently I'm rather good at flirting. I had no idea I was even doing it!

Laid around in bed until 10am this morning - blissful - and then hit a Golden Corral for their breakfast buffet (which has improved greatly, I must say) before heading out of the Triangle. Gorgeous weather today, sunny and in the 70s, so the drive back was v. peaceful.

Not a lot to tell, otherwise - well, what else there is to tell, I'm certainly not sharing here. Some - many? - of you will be happier that way. Those who aren't, feel free to let me know.

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