Sunday, October 05, 2003

Back in July, I shared a few thoughts about missing Toni Braxton. I was reminded of them, and reminded of what makes (made?) her great last night as I was about to go to bed and listening to the local smooth jazz station (don't mock, it's good for sleeping). They played "Another Sad Love Song," and what struck me is what always has in that song. It's that moment after the first chorus, as she's about to hit the second verse, when she (seemingly) tosses off a simple "whoo!" It's not the technical proficiency that's always thrilled me about Toni, nor her gorgeous voice; it's the way she augments the songs she sings with the little things, the nearly imperceptible touches that help a singer own a song. Like that "whoo!" Her talent's never been in question; her ability to have hits again is - and the news that she's now going to star in Aida on Broadway isn't promising (as it'll likely keep her out of the recording studio). Of course, neither was her horrendous VH-1 "special" in which they basically aired her going through childbirth. Ew.

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