Tuesday, October 07, 2003

A couple of truly awe-inspiring comebacks were made in the sports world last night. First, as all the headlines are reading this morning, What curse? The Red Sox came back from two games down and the brink of elimination to win Game 5 in the ALDS over Oakland, advancing to the AL Championship Series against - who else? - the Yankees. Meanwhile, on the opposite coast, the Colts pulled off "one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history" to come back from 21 down with under 4:00 left and beat the reigning Super Bowl champs the Bucs in Tampa Bay, 38-35 in OT. My beloved Colts are now 5-0 for the first time since '77 - back 7 years before the semis left Balto under cover of darkness. Next up is another unbeaten: Carolina visits the Hoosier Dome (and it'll always be the Hoosier Dome, no matter who pays how much to "own" its name, so fuck you corporate sponsors) this Sunday.

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