Thursday, October 16, 2003

Janine and I have been friends a long time. A long time: 23 years, to be exact. We've known each other - and been friends - since we met in first grade. Janine sent me an email today:


You were in my dreams a couple nights ago. We were both teachers, working with intermediate age students. I left my class for some reason and when I wandered back school had just let out. As children swirled around me running out of school, you approached, handed me a strangely shaped blue and white plastic object, and told me that you had confiscated it from one of my students. The bright blue side that I looked at had a picture of a scantily clothed man (looking like one of those 50s bodybuilders) and directions for the toy....which basically said that pressing a certain area of this object would release the scent of a man whore.


This says more than you realize, in all likelihood, about both me and Janine (or, as I called her in 4th grade, "J-9." I was into catchy nicknames back then; it didn't stick).

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