Monday, October 27, 2003

My weekend was a good one, albeit mostly quiet.

Went over to Travis's place about 1am Saturday morning - he works late hours - to spend the night (ce soir). I was sleepy, so we just watched TV and cuddled.

Saturday, he had to work, so I hung at his place (since he lives all the way across town and I, of course, don't drive), watching college football (Northwestern looked pretty good in their upset of Wisconsin - this weekend they come visit the wounded Boilers at Ross-Ade Stadium), putzing around online, and taking in chunks of a marathon of The Restaurant, which I hadn't seen before. Wow, this is entertaining television - mainly because every single person on the show appears to be a jerk. Head chef/owner Rocco DiSpirito is an ass, looking like a womanizing, not-nearly-as-fun version of Thom Filicia. Even those employees you want to initially empathize with - the waiters, busboys, and their ilk - end up coming off as whiny, complaining bitches. I'd never go to the restaurant (Rocco's on 22nd, if you're in NYC), but I'll certainly tune it - and a second season is coming.

After gorging myself on more TV than I had in months, I had to get out, and it was a gorgeous, pale linen-air kind of day, so after learning that Borders was only a mile away, I decided to hit the sidewalk. Stopped at a Goodwill en route and picked up two great shirts for $1 apiece, and then met my coworker Anita at Borders and edumacated her on the variety (or lack thereof, harrumph) of queer mags carried in chain bookstores. After a while (and after dark), I meandered back down Laskin Road back to Travis's for more TV, internet, and play with the kitties.

Yesterday found us taking in Scary Movie 3. Simple review: if you love the slapsticky work of David Zucker, you'll enjoy yourself. If not, you've already seen 95% of the best jokes in the commercials and trailer. [The Jenny McCarthy-Pamela Anderson opening scene is awfully funny.] Wait for it to come on cable. After a dinner of some always-tasty Tex-Mex at San Antonio Sam's, I went home early - it was a school night.

And that was my weekend.

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