Thursday, October 16, 2003

Odds & ends:

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my roommate Michael, who doesn't look a day over 38. :)

The details concerning yesterday's NYC Ferry disaster are horrific - 10 dead, 42 injured, 3 more missing. Fortunately, Adam's fine (he's the only person I know whom I know takes the Staten Island Ferry). These are the kinds of things that make you thankful for what you've got.

I feel kind of sorry for Steve Bartman - but if you're a Cubs fan, you can't help but think of what might have been. The more I think about how close the Cubbies were, the sadder I feel.

Fortunately, to (partially) provide a balm for my raw emotions, I've been listening to Incognito's great 1996 album Remixed, a record full of positivity and love - and great, classic house tracks. Masters at Work work their magic on a cover of Side Effect's "Always There" (voiced by the phenomenal Jocelyn Brown) and provide a tidy dub of "Everyday" (as well as a Nuyorican Dub of "Jacob's Ladder"), Roger Sanchez offers three reworkings, including a truly Uplifting Club Mix of "Givin' It Up," and David Morales puts forth his take on "Always There" (utterly sumptuous). CJ Mackintosh (whatever happened to him?), Pete Rock, and Incognito leader Bluey's son Daniel Maunick also put their best feet forward onto the dancefloor, with Maunick's d'n'b take on "Barumba" a sexy, sinuous highlight. This disc never fails to brighten my mood, and for that alone, it's a keeper. Its passion and quality are delicious gravy.

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