Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Odds & ends:

Start saving those pennies, kids. The 5-disc Johnny Cash boxed set, Unearthed - with four discs of unreleased material - comes out 11/25.

The same day, those Dixie Chicks release a double-disc live set, Top of the World, taken from their 2003 tour, which was the biggest moneymaker in country music this year. Take that, Toby.

How long until those 613,000 copies of Clay Aiken's debut start showing up in used-CD racks? And in case you're wondering what kind of people are Aiken maniacs, I read a letter from one a couple of weeks ago in Fred Bronson's "Chart Beat Chat" which shed some light on the matter: the writer stated that Aiken will change the world of music "as much as" Kurt Cobain. Let's see here: ridiculously gifted songwriter/guitarist whom many consider the John Lennon of his generation vs. runner-up on a glorified version of Star Search? Yeah, sounds about right...

Britney's "Me Against the Music" is growing on me more with each listen. It's got a nice, tough beat, and I love the way Brit spits out the song's bridge staccato-style. The weakest link? Oh, that would be Madonna, sadly, playing proud Mama to the woman she clearly sees as the heir to her throne. Maddy's apparently now reduced to commercially releasing remixes of her commercial jingles (that would be "Into the Hollywood Groove," y'all). I weep.

The first BCS standings of the season are out. We're #8! We're #8! If we win at the Big House this weekend, watch that rise. If we topple the Buckeyes in Columbus in 3 weeks (assuming we win over Northwestern and Iowa at home in between), respect our authori-tay.

In more shocking college pigskin news, apparently college guys like porn. Who knew?

Great post from Adam this week about being a bad fag.

Fascinating new politiblog: The Swing State Project looks at each state which was carried by less than 6 percentage points in the 2000 prez election and sees what the crystal ball says about '04. Great reading for political junkies.

Got all domestic-like with Travis last night, buying a microwave and DVD player at Target (that's correctly pronounced "tar-zhay") - hey, he just moved here like 2 months ago, cut the guy some slack - and then hitting Old Country Buffet for some tasty mac'n'cheese and hot fudge sundae cake. [Lord, I sound like a certain food obsessive up north!] Then we went back to his pad and took in some of I Love the '80s Strikes Back. Yeah, it's alternately called "We're VH-1, and we know how to ride a winning horse to death better than almost anyone," but I dare you not to be entertained upon hearing Rich Eisen talk about the Pointer Sisters' orgasms (re: "I'm So Excited"), et cetera.

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