Monday, October 06, 2003

Odds & ends:

I had a nice, tidy paragraph ready to post about Willie & Norah's duet of "Wurlitzer Prize," but then our network went down and I lost it. Summing up: their voices are a perfect match on a perfectly sad, wistful song for them to sing, one of Waylon's finer moments. Gorgeous.

Wishing I had a picture phone today, so everyone could share the love regarding this guy working next door, wearing overalls tighter than I thought possible with a pure white t-shirt underneath, bubble butt to weep over, lovely, perfectly shaped pecs, trim waist, and let-me-dive-in blue eyes. He's nearly making me salivate; he's that yummy.

I really need to come up with a phrase more correct than blog of the week, as I inevitably let said blogs stay up there for a good 2, at least. You should still read Daily Kos well, daily ('specially if you need a big, tall glass of haterade everytime you even think of Dubya). But it's time for a new one, and this time around, it's clap clap blog, the creation of Eppy - though I don't seem to know what his real name is - NYC man about town, member of not one but two bands, and a writer as fine as any I've stumbled upon in quite a while. He expounds on any manner of subjects, with a focus on music but including politics, New York life, and more, and does so so sparklingly - well, his is one of those blogs which sometimes makes me wonder, "why do I even bother?" Not that I'm planning on stopping, mind, but you get my drift. If you need a starting point, try his piece from last week on Jessica Simpson, and then advance through his various expoundings on OutKast. But really, just read it all. As Busta might say, this is the hot shit right here.

Speaking of the ATLiens, I'm still not fully convinced on OutKast's "Hey Ya" - it's just so, so power-pop, and if I want that - well, I don't. But the video is a work of art, like if Kurt had been a mondo George Clinton devotée and took a big mouthful of mushrooms before playing every role in the "Lithium" video. Only much weirder.

I know it's kinda showoff-y of me to even mention this, but it kicks ass so I'm gonna anyway: have I mentioned how nice it is to wake up and find you've received email from Scott Heim? Yay.

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