Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Odds & ends:

Happy Birthday, GeekSlut! It's this Saturday, and he'll be the big 4-0. I think that even more than cards and gifts, the most appropriate way to celebrate is by going out and having some nasty sex in his honor.

R.E.M.'s obligatory new-single-tacked-onto-the-hits-record, "Bad Day," was originally written during the sessions for their '87 classic Document, and it sounds like it. That's a good thing, however - it's got that classic R.E.M. jangle to it, along with ever-marvelous backing vocals from Mike Mills, whose voice always makes a great contrast with Stipe's. The chord progressions into (and to a lesser extent, in) the chorus remind me of those in "It's the End of the World." Yay!

It just occured to me yesterday that Gerald Levert has been recording for nigh on two decades now. Wow. His new album's apparently pretty good (page down to "R&B"), but I'll always be a bigger fan of his work with his trio Levert. I'm especially besotted with their first R&B charttopper, "(Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop) Goes My Mind," which came a whole year prior (and is greatly superior) to "Casanova."

I never, ever tire of hearing Oran "Juice" Jones say "Now shut your mouth, 'cause you cold busted!"

Even noting their loss to the Panthers, you've gotta admit the Colts are looking pretty damned good right about now. And please, no "'72 Dolphins?" talk about the Chiefs; how 'bout we let 'em be the 8-0 '03 Chiefs instead?

Thanks to Frere-Jones and Woods for the linklove.

Is it wrong that I find cartoon characters Adam & Andy really sexy? Creator James Asal, by the way - everyone's doing it - now has his own blog.

Nastily feuding Lakers are good for the NBA. Well, good for all the other teams, which is fine with me. Phil's boys have supplanted the hapless Knicks as the team I most love to hate.

Just plain wrong. Kinda funny, but wrong.

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