Thursday, October 02, 2003

Odds & ends:

What I notice about Kylie Minogue's brand new "Slow" on first listen(s) is that while yeah, it's electropop of the highest artistic (and catchy) order, it's so minimalist, and I like that about it. A lot. It's not immediate as "Can't Get You Out Of My Head"; it's more of a ridiculously seductive grower. [Matthew, bless him, has got a download of it for you.] I'm very curious to see in what direction they'll go with the inevitable remixes.

General Wesley Clark in speedos (warning: most of the other pics in the slideshow are on the didn't-need-to-see-that side), courtesy of 'fer. I'm with 'fer and Joe on this one: I don't care if he's 58. General Clark's pretty hot.

Another happy sports weekend, what with the Colts creaming New Orleans, Purdue getting a much-needed "W" over the evil Irish, and the Cubs in the playoffs.

Nate's reviewing 1979 musically, via 162 songs. Good selections, even better writing on them.

Back in spades: Spizzazzz.

Have a third date with a guy I like tomorrow night. We've had hot, nasty sex on the first two dates, but I'm kinda hoping we don't have sex tomorrow night (yes I know, if I don't want to have sex with him, don't have sex with him), 'cause I think there's a spark there, and the best way I know to tell is to not have sex, but just spend the evening enjoying each other's (clothed) company.

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