Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Odds & ends:

Busy day at work today, which is why there's been basically no posting.

I moved the links/blogroll; it's now to your right, underneath the singles/albums/reading, in convenient, compact form.

Donald has finally revealed the details of his torrid affair with Choire, and they're quite - torrid.

Britney's back, as you may have heard. Her new single's finally hitting - it premiered on AOL Friday, is titled "Me Against the Music," and features Madonna. And it's nice. Not the gargantuan lez-fest some may have hoped for, what it is, is a very well-produced hard pop/dance track with Madonna big-upping her girl Britney, who's all about getting down on the dancefloor. Props must be given.

Damned California being in the Pacific time zone. Stayed up past 2am last night watching C-Span for recall coverage. Predictably, I'm dragging just a wee bit today. :(

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