Friday, October 10, 2003

Odds & ends:

Enuff Z'Nuff - the tie-dyed hair metal merchants who had a minor MTV hit back in '89 with "Fly High Michelle" - have released 11 albums. Joe told me so, and their website confirms it, and also includes this shocker: one of the guests on their 2000 album 10 was none other than Billy Corgan. This blows my mind 69 times.

Kos has written the most well-thought-out, intelligent piece I've yet seen about the blogosphere and political process. It's really quite stellar.

After last night's post and its attendant project (which will assuredly be ongoing; thanks for all the comments thus far, and keep 'em coming), I'm unsurprisingly in a rhythm 'n' vibes mood/mode today, perfect for pulling out BBE UK's 2x4-disc Masters at Work anthology, Masters at Work: The 10th Anniversary Collection. I've been listening to Part Two: 1996-2000, especially disc 2, which includes, among other tracks:
+"MAW Expensive," their magnificent take on Fela Kuti's "Expensive Shit"
+the utter unalloyed genius that is the Nuyorican Soul remix of Roni Size/Reprazent's "Watching Windows," in which drum'n'bass effortlessly morphs into samba
+Atmosfear's "Dancing In Outer Space," which is simply future/past dancefloor magic, forward-thinking saxtastic space-trip disco fevah

Is it 4:30pm yet? This week has done nothing but drag, and I am so over it. Unfortunately, it's 3 weeks until my next (mini-)vacation (Halloween weekend in DC!). I'm already ready.

The Church of Me is apparently no more, but I'm keeping Marcello's blog linked because it features some of the most amazing writing I've ever read, and not just about music, either. Hopefully he'll grace us all with his new venture, whatever that may be, soon.

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