Friday, October 24, 2003

Part of the reason I've not been blogging these past two days is work - i.e., I've had lots to do at work. [Today we were offsite all day, seeing ghetto mamas en masse.] Another part is that I've discovered the joys of making mp3 CDs - 800MB of mixed goodness. I'm using Adaptec, which for some reason doesn't want to let me print my playlists. But I can tell you that the first two discs are titled rock! and funk shit up. rock! is pretty straightforward and meaty, with an ample side of cheese in the forms of BulletBoys, Warrant, Winger,, and a few complementary side dishes ("Smack My Bitch Up," "Fuck tha Police"). funk shit up is a mix of weird stuff, some of it remixed or pre-mixed (album-length mixes from Daft Punk, DJ/rupture, and Soulwax) alongside covers (Black Box Recorder doing "Uptown Top Ranking"), rarities (a demo of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean"), bootlegs, and some rare original productions (from people like this guy). Wanna know more details? You know what to do.

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