Saturday, October 04, 2003

Regular readers know of the absurd love I have for the Canuck not-a-boy-band trio soulDecision. From their website comes the news that while their sophomore album apparently still isn't done (Ken posted that there'd be a single in late spring, album autumn of this year - oops), the good news, the worth-waiting-for news is that they've worked with godlike Nile Rodgers on some of it!

Mini-review of their d├ębut, No One Does It Better: good, solid first effort from this heavily George Michael-influenced good-looking Canadian threesome (don't I wish...). The ballads are generally plodding, but they mean well, and their R&B/white-boy soul influence is evident (and refreshing). Singles "Faded" and "Ooh It's Kinda Crazy" (don't let its having been a TRL #1 turn you off) are near-perfect. Album track "Only In My Mind" samples a Pet Shop Boys b-side ("We All Feel Better in the Dark") and is thisclose from being thatperfect. "Stay"'s an agreeable enough mid-tempo number. Pick it up used, and at the very least rip those four tracks to your hard drive; they're well worth the effort, trust.

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