Friday, October 31, 2003

So, with my DC trip off and no set plans for the Halloween weekend, I make my own.

Tonight I'll hit the Naro, early - i.e., before the Rocky Horror madness - to see the opening night (locally) of Sylvia, the film about the life (and, of course, death) of the shockingly brilliant, plagued poet Sylvia Plath, with whom I was briefly obsessed in highschool. [I was an outcast, gay, depressed, voracious for poetry - yes, I know it's so surprising I was into Plath.] The early reviews are mixed-to-mediocre, but Gwenyth Paltrow's resemblance to the late Plath in the film's marketing is more than a little disarming.

Afterwards, I'll probably hit the Garage, and hope I don't get too annoyed by what I hope's not too many guys in bad drag. I'm not doing a costume, because I'm not going to any parties (I wish I could make yours!) and am not going to get all "done up" just to walk to a dive (gay) bar, which is what the Garage so proudly is.

And yet again, my home computer's on the fritz; I can do everything except get online. Oy. Maybe I just have bad computer karma? Or the RIAA has found a way to punish me for my sins?

I haven't spoken with Travis since Sunday, which concerns me. As this wise one and trusted friend pointed out last night, when you haven't talked with the person you're ostensibly dating in 5 days, that's usually not a good sign. I dunno, maybe I fucked up somehow - it wouldn't be the first time (in dating, not with Travis in particular).

Appropriately to today, lately I've been feeling like a bit of a ghost, just kind of quietly passing through.

Maybe I'll just spend most of the weekend drinking. I wish I were drinking right now.

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