Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Speaking of rolls (see below), Gaz is most definitely on one. Hot on the heels of his Summer 2003 volume - just one month later, in fact - comes an early-release Fall 2003 edition of his superb, strength-to-strength mix series Grand Theft Audio. The previous volume, as I mentioned, was his best yet, featuring killer tunes from Houston, Minus the Bear, and the Police (their jaw-dropping b-side "Once Upon a Daydream"), and had only one song I didn't like - and for me to agree with Gaz that much, musically, is really sayin' somethin'. Fall 2003 is more of the same: all killer, no filler. The hit-to-miss ratio isn't quite as high for me this time around - I've never gotten Grandaddy, the R.E.M. track from Vanilla Sky leave me a little wanting, and Someday I sound like garden-variety emo to me - but the good stuff is great. I've never heard of Kut U Up before, but their track "S&M Dens" is stellar, tough rock with a Fugazi influence while still having a sense of humor. Gaz nicely tributes the late Warren Zevon by including the Hindu Love Gods' cover of "Raspberry Beret." And in Gaz-likes-dance-music-shock, Fatboy Slim's "Song for Shelter" makes an appearance, as well - and watch for the hidden bonus track, which is quite a treat.

As always, Gaz invites new subscribers. Simply drop him an email with "Grand Theft Audio" or "GTA" in the subject line, include your (physical) address, and 4 times a year, bam! A free CD. What's not to like, really? Holmes is seriously startin' to rock the party that rocks my body.

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