Monday, October 06, 2003

This week, since Jenn's on vacation this week, I'm back to riding the bus to and from work. In such a car town as Hampton Roads (i.e. Norfolk/Virginia Beach/etc.), the bus is generally ridden by two types of people:

1) Those without cars - i.e. 99% of the time, poor people.
2) Those in single-car households whose cars are being repaired.

The latter is the only way I can explain the man I saw on the bus about a month ago wearing a three-piece suit who was going downtown to a (presumably his) law firm, listening to an iPod. You just don't see a lot of iPods on HRT, trust.

Some other bus observations:
1) Wearing boots with 4" stiletto heels only looks professional if you are a hooker.
2) Please close your mouth when chewing gum.
3) Please stop shouting when using your cell phone. I really don't need to hear the conversation you're having with your babydaddy (or better yet, your babydaddymama) about "why he ain't give me no" money. Maybe if you weren't easy like Sunday morning, you wouldn't have this problem, would you?
4) Don't homeless shelters have showers? If not, why the hell not?
5) Mr./Ms. Bus Driver, I can see that you chose this job/career because you enjoy driving. But please remember that an x-ton bus is not the same as your VW Beetle. Please don't drive it down the street at 65mph; it's not just you you need to be concerned about when driving the bus.

It's not the bus I mind so much; it's the people riding it with me. Of course, if I'd get a driver's license/car, it wouldn't be an issue - or if I, ahem, lived somewhere with better public transport...

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