Thursday, October 30, 2003

Um, John? I'm one of those who've been missing Paglia (you have to watch a short ad to read the entire interview) - and whether I agree or disagree with her, I hope this means she's back in the sociocultural sphere for good. Camille's like a really, really loud version of Gore Vidal, with a shorter attention span and a greater joy in pissing people off. Some of what she says is tired and pedantic, yes (she feels "sorry" for Dubya?!) - but some of it's vital, the kinds of things most folks are scared to say aloud ("Rush transformed the media landscape in America. He resurrected AM radio." I loathe him, but it's true). Her pair of essay collections should be required reading for every college student; if nothing else, she makes you think, the same way that being a fan (and defender) of Marilyn Manson forces me to rethink, defend, and ultimately reinforces my Christian beliefs.

I love me some Camille Paglia.

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