Saturday, November 01, 2003

"It's far from over," Michigan State's Jeff Smoker said.

Smoker was referring to the Big Ten title race, in light of MSU's 27-20 loss today to Michigan. And he's right. Yes, the Wolverines are now 5-1 in the conference, a 1/2 game ahead of MSU at 4-1 (Michigan's bye is next week). But MSU can still share the title - and you know who else can, too? Whilst everyone's Big Ten attention was centered on East Lansing today, Purdue bounced back nicely at home, topping Northwestern 34-14. Don't forget Ohio State, either, still with only one conference loss after barely slipping past lowly Penn State 21-20. The Big Ten is most definitely still up for grabs, y'all.

Lest I forget to mention it: yay! The Irish are 2-6 and looking light-years away from their 8-0 start last year, thanks in part to the 37-0 pasting they received at the hands of Florida State this afternoon.

One other college gridiron note: dear sweet Jesus, how good is Oklahoma looking right now? 52-9 over Oklahoma State?! That's like whoa.

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