Monday, November 03, 2003

Odds & ends:

How 'bout those 7-1 Colts, owners of an impressive win in Miami Sunday? And lo and behold, when we're not getting it done on offense (such as the nasty INT Peyton threw in the fourth yesterday), we're getting it done on - shock! awe! - defense! We love you, Dwight Feeney.

Does anyone else remember Dalbello? Née Lisa Dalbello, she was fairly successful in her native Canada in the mid-to-late-'80s. [I was introduced to her via the marvelous MuchMusic (which I wish was more available in the US).] I've always loved her '89 single "Tango," a thunderous, sexy dance from her album She - rock/pop with flair and personality.

I'm starting to seriously think it's time to start jobhunting here, in Norfolk. I'm so burned out on this place; I'm getting no fulfillment from my work, and the pay sucks. The reason I'm hesitant to leave is that my coworkers rock, as does our (immediate, as opposed to overall) work environment. Maybe I'll call my pal at Manpower and see if she can drum up anything for me (though I'm also very hesitant to let go of my benefits).

Rediscovered Moby's remix of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" recently. Wow. The bald one takes "Beat It" to a rave 'til dawn, chopping up MJ's vocals into a stuttering chorus of staccato "it [id?] doesn't matter"s, swirling EVH's blistering solo in and out of the walls - and then drops some reggae jaxx on the affair, before bringing it all back home to a 4am X-fueled peak, defiantly not a chillout. Shockingly great.

My hard drive's network card appears to be a little on the deep-fried side; I can do anything I want with my home computer apart from get online. So no pics nor new downloads until it's all fixed, who-knows-when.

Why is canned bean soup generally a variation on orange in color? I love me some Campbell's Chunky Hearty Bean & Ham, but why is it orange-y??

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