Sunday, November 02, 2003

This afternoon, I did something I haven't done in too long: I watched a NASCAR Winston Cup race. It was the Checker Auto Parts 500 in Phoenix, won by my favorite driver, the one in the #8 car, the one just known as Junior - Dale Earnhardt Jr., that is. The race had a stunning 10 yellow caution flags, the last of which was lifted with 9 laps to go, which made for a thrilling restart. And boy, this new breed of Winston Cup drivers, all at the front of the pack (all four finished in the top 6), all charging hard: Junior, Jimmie Johnson, Matt Kenseth (who could lock up his first series championship next week at Rockingham), and Ryan Newman (who had an amazing 10th pole today) - can you say hotties?! The beauty of Winston Cup racing to me is its seeming simplicity. It looks easy (and, to the non-fan, boring: "all they do is drive around in a circle!"), but is really just as, if not more, complex than football or hockey. [For those in disbelief, I highly recommend reading Junior's book Driver 8, which he had the fine (if obvious) taste to name after a classic R.E.M. song.] It's all about strategy, and taking risks (much like golf).

Speaking of the sporting life, I've gotta give props to one of the most annoying men in show business. P. Diddy, with only two months of training, completed his first NYC Marathon today, and raised $2 million for charity (half of which he says will go to NYC Public Schools) in the process. How you love that?

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