Thursday, March 25, 2004

Generally, I agree with Matthew idea about not posting "big name" artist/really current mp3s. There's no need to ask for trouble, now, is there? However, this one needs to be heard: KoRn's new single from Take A Look In the Mirror is the industry-hatin' "Y'All Want A Single." Not surprisingly, it's finding resistance at ClearChannel-dominated radio - and, surprisingly, their former champ MTV. Unlikely free-speech posterboy Howard Stern, however, has taken such a shining to "Single" that he's essentially made it his unofficial theme song. Which led KoRn to do a "remix" of it, adding in clips from Stern's on-air comments ripping the FCC, the Bush administration, and the media conglomerates. They posted it on their website. And as fast as that, it's been pulled. Whatcha wanna bet their corporate parent Epic (part of Sony) made them take it down? Musically, "Single" is just so-so, but politically/culturally, it needs to be heard. So get to it. And get to Stern's website while you listen; it's become a free-speech/FCC-bashing mecca well worth visiting.

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