Tuesday, March 23, 2004

It's easy to take Go Home Productions for granted. Mark's been creating such amazing booties and mashups and sharing them with the world for what seems like years now (actually, it's been almost 2 years, since May '02) - and now he's releasing them legit, with the Pistol Whipped EP in shops now in the UK (and available online through Half Inch Recordings). So, occasionally, one has to be reminded of the magic of GHP. My most recent reminder came via Strictly Kev's "Raiding the 20th Century - A History of the Cutup" mix (which you can download here), in which, amongst many other varied and sundry pieces of sound, he included GHP's "Turn Out the Light Slave! And Gimme Some Rhythm," an expertly mind-blowing mashup combining Nelly Furtado and Grace Jones. After getting permission from the man himself, I'll occasionally be reposting tracks he's made which he's had to take off his site (chiefly out of bandwidth considerations, I believe), so enjoy "Turn Out the Light Slave!"

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