Friday, March 26, 2004

OMG, OMG, OMG! I hate to start a post with such AIM-speak, but the new Morrissey single warrants it. "Irish Blood, English Heart" (from You Are the Quarry, coming out in mid-May) shows Mozzer in amazing form, backed by a particularly sturdy rock band and sounding so strong. It's such a delight to hear Morrissey returning like this, 'cause let's be honest - some of his solo work hasn't been the best, or even up to his prodigious abilities. And not only does he sound great vocally, but the lyrics bite; he's got a political fire burning under him again, and we should all be grateful. The lyrics of "Blood" are pointed (chiefly against the U.K. political system) and provide an extra sense of urgency to his singing. As fine as the advance word on Quarry is, I'm now really, really excited. The Queen may be dead, but it's about time the King returned!

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