Monday, April 12, 2004

The Rough Guide to R. Kelly, Volume 2
1. Down Low (Nobody Has To Know) (featuring Ronald Isley)
2. Half On A Baby (Extended Video Version)
3. Fiesta (Remix featuring Jay-Z, and Boo & Gotti)
4. We Ride (featuring Cam'ron, Noreaga, Jay-Z, and Vegas Cats)
5. A Woman's Threat
6. Bump 'N Grind (Old School Remix)
7. Sex Me (Parts 1 and 2)
8. Slow Dance (R. Kelly and Public Announcement)
9. Your Body's Callin' (His & Hers Remix featuring Aaliyah)
10. Ignition Remix
11. I Believe I Can Fly
12. Happy People

Total time: 65:21

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