Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Speed round:

Chrisafer is doing a lovely job of big-upping National Poetry Month over at his place, as these posts make clear - and the month's not even half-over!

Damned right that, as Jermaine O'Neal says, "If it was any other team, it would be everywhere." But it's the Indiana Pacers who've notched up 60 wins this season, along with homecourt all the way through the playoffs - including, if they make it that far, the finals. Time to move your NBA attention to the Hoosier state, folks.

If you're not reading Devon the Escort's Diary, you really should. He's been on fire of late (har har), with a series of blistering posts about getting the clap. Fascinating and funny stuff, the way Devon writes it.

The Lollapalooza lineup continues to evolve and firm up, with the additions of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Gomez. The routing should be announced soon.

The 9/11 commission continues its hearings this week, with some sure-to-be must-see testimony from FBI directors and Attornies General past and present today. It's all about C-SPAN, baby.

I heard the instrumental of Jay-Z's "Nigga What, Nigga Who (Originator 99)" used as a vocal bed during NPR's Morning Edition this morning. Like whoa. In further Morning Edition news, the bad is that longtime host Bob Edwards is out at month's end. The good news is that my soon-to-be-superstar cousin Steve Inskeep will be interim cohost starting May 1st (and rumor has it, he's at the front of the line for the permanent gig).

Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of the world-record wind - 231 mph! - atop Mount Washington, New Hampshire. I'm so eager to head up there this summer. I mean, the folks at the observatory up there as even bigger weather geeks than I am!

Found a fairly amazing church on Sunday, United Church of Jaffrey. Part of the United Church of Christ denomination, UCJ is an Open and Affirming congregation - which, roughly translated, means they're a mainline Protestant denomination which loves homos. Yay, queen!

Oh, and I've accepted two part-time job offers which will start next week, in case you're interested.

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