Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Yet another reason why I find The Advocate so annoying: for their "Music Hall of Fame 2004" issue (don't get me started*), they got an exclusive interview with smooth jazz saxman Dave Koz, who's coming out (yay!). But did they put him on their cover? Sure, at the very bottom. Instead, to sell copies, they splattered a bunch of het musicians in favor of gay marriage on the cover, led by the excrable Pink**. Given the choice between featuring on their cover an openly queer person everyone may not know and a straight celebrity, The Advocate will pick the "hope they sell copies for us!" celeb every single time.

*Actually, it won't take but a minute to start and finish: their "Music Hall of Fame 2004" consists of the aforementioned Koz interview and blurb-quotes by those 42 musicians, a 2-page piece on Junior Senior, and a few more album reviews than usual. Whoo boy, that's quite a "Hall of Fame" there.

**Memo to Pink: you're not Billy Idol, and you'll never be as fucking cool as him, so quit fucking sneering.

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