Friday, May 07, 2004

Very speedy catch-up round, general housekeeping edition:

I'm taking The Noise of Art off my sidebar; it was (and still is) a good idea, but the timing was very off. Maybe someday. And speaking of (kinda), R.I.P., The Rub.

Will update the 2004 tracks list this weekend, as well as (hopefully) Doing It To Death (Part 1) and Rock Me Tonight.

My only exposure to new music the past 3 weeks or so has been the video channels. Montgomery Gentry's "If You Ever Stop Loving Me" is their best single since career-opener "Hillbilly Shoes," D12's "My Band" is the hilarious record Eminem's been driving for for years now, and I love the "Southern Fried"/"Blow It Out" clip from Ludacris 'cause it's two great tracks for the price of one (but hearing him rock it over guitars gives "Southern" the edge).

Speaking of housekeeping, did you know that the best way to clean glass in general, and windows in particular, is with newspaper? No streaks. Really. I do windows - the house has got so many (and so many in use), it's a must.

More soon - but that you can just take for granted right now.

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