Thursday, May 13, 2004

While wondering if anyone else is finding Blogger's "new and improved" as annoying as I am - and this just before parent company Google goes public...

First, quick update: had a lovely day meandering around Boston on Monday with Rich. Hit the Wharf, Boston Common, Fenway, the Old South Church, and Boyleston Street. Also drove through Cambridge, including M.I.T. and Harvard, on the way home. Tuesday and Wednesday I worked, lots. Ended up with an unexpected 10-hour shift yesterday, which required a good 20-minute soak in the hot tub afterwards, for my achin' feet.

Second, new downloads: I had a lovely write-up ready to go, but Blogger ate it. The short version, thus.

Kindred the Family Soul are a husband-and-wife duo on a jazzier, slightly more schmooved-out than Jill Scott (who discovered 'em) tip. Their album came out over a year ago but is just now starting to catch fire, thanks to Adult R&B radio and BET (especially Midnight Love, where I first heard/saw 'em). "Far Away" seems to be the proverbial iceberg's tip. You listenin', Ray?

There's a new PJ Harvey album coming next month, and she's playing some dates of Lollapalooza this year, which is all the reason I need to post her stunning I'll-have-my-way-with-you-whether-you-like-it-or-not,-darling '95 single "Long Snake Moan."

And from WMRI 106.9FM: Where We Played Your Relaxing Favorites, a pair of instrumentals (which I suppose we'd now consider "smooth jazz") par excellence. The theme from Taxi you may only know in its show-opening 66-second edit; pal around with the full 6-minute version of Bob James's gorgeous "Angela (Theme From Taxi)," why don'tcha? "Rise" you may only know by virtue of its sample in Biggie's "Hypnotize"; get acquainted with all of Herb Alpert's 1979 #1 smash, why don'tcha?

Whoomp, there it is, I thought ya knew.

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