Monday, June 21, 2004

I'm feeling inspired, music-geeky again, for the first time in too long. I attribute it to two things. One is a couple of conversations I've recently enjoyed with the supersexxxy Daddino (he may've used the word first, but I'm stealing it). He's been hearing the new tunes of late that I've not, so he's been helpful. [Plus, there's always Prince to discuss, always.] The other, oddly, is a magazine I picked up at the local Rite-Aid: the new ish of Spin, of all things. Which gives me hope. Yeah Yeah Yeahs are on the cover (albeit with Karen O showing her panties, probably required by the eds for the shot), and inside are pieces on SXSW (Charles Aaron rules, Chuck Klosterman must be stopped), Dizzee (including a grime primer sidebar from Jess), and the Streets, plus some good reviews from the likes of Will Hermes and Co.

It's odd; if not for the internet, I feel as if I'd know almost nothing about music right now, being back in a town smaller than my hometown (where it was Rolling Stone at the library and Billboard from the one local music retailer (and that was just a side gig for 'em, but God bless 'em for it), and that was it). Things just get interestinger and interestinger.

Oh, and I'm going to L.A. in 2 weeks - my first time ever west of Kansas, fer pete's sake. Any music-related destinations that I mustn't miss? Comments box, please. [I've already got the Capitol Records bldg and the Whiskey on my list.]

Oh2, and my top 70 of the '70s is coming along nicely. Should be ready before I head west.

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