Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Oh, I'm a happy boy today. No, not because I took my Jeep in for inspection - it didn't pass, because it's got a small rusted-out patch in the undercarriage and needs a quartet of non-snow tires, oy fucking vey - but because I've discovered the Franklin Pierce College library, and it's nirvana. Or at least nirvana-esque. As opposed to numerous college/university libraries I've visited which are largely filled with "academic" volumes, the FPC library is larded with plenty of popcult and poplit; in less than an hour I've found such disparate volumes as Rob Durkee's American Top 40 (which I've been wanting to read for four years) and David Leddick's new The Secret Lives of Married Men - not to mention a tiny little book titled Online Diaries: The Lollapalooza '95 Tour Journals, which were originally published online at, and were written by the likes of Beck, Courtney Love, and Thurston Moore. In a college library. Wowza.

It doesn't hurt that I can also blog from here, either. Say hello to what I'd bet will be one of my chief summer '04 hangouts.

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