Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Yes, I'm still here. And I'll get back to semi-regular posting sometime soon. Probably.

[This isn't one of those falsely oblique, oh-so-annoying "I'm-shutting-down-my-blog, or-am-I?" posts, I promise. I ain't goin' nowhere, kids. 2 years on next month, and I feel like in some ways, I'm just getting started. It's just that, y'know, life gets in the way sometimes. And I say let it. I'll write when I can, you'll read when you can, and it'll all work out.]

Now that that's out of the way, how great is Brandy's new single featuring Kanye West (ho of the year? or pimp of the year?), "Talk About Our Love"? Easily her best record since "The Boy Is Mine," it feels like with this track Brandy's finally fulfilling the immense promise she's been teasing us with for so long. It also sounds as if getting divorced may have been a good thing; she sounds freer than she has since, hell, her debut album (back 'n the days when she was in her mid-teens, no less). Kanye's soon-to-be-patented-I'm-sure old-soul loop formula works masterfully here, providing a setting for Brandy akin to (some might say) the pairing of diamonds and gold. His rap is just Kanye doin' his thing for 16 bars, nomorenoless. Brandy's voice, however, is ebullient. Superb. A-

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