Friday, July 02, 2004

As per Roadtrippin' 2004, Volume 3, which I'll post the tracklisting for, in all likelihood, tomorrow:

The thing most folks seem to miss, or at least overlook, in regards to Frank Zappa's one-and-only brush with the top 40, 1983's "Valley Girl" (with a vocal assist from his then-teenaged daughter Moon Unit Zappa), is that it's not a novelty record. "Valley Girl" is the kind of record Frank was always making - cf. "Bobby Brown," It just so happened that this one time, he had such a lightning-in-a-bottle zeitgeist moment, a hit (albeit small) was not to be denied him. And heaven knows the motherfucker was due.

For the record, I think that Zappa would've loved the absurdity of "Get Low," even while having no use for Lil' Jon's genius 808-heavy production.

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