Friday, January 14, 2005

Speed round:

Stylus is pretty standardly pretty great writing, but they've outdone themselves with their list of the top 50 singles of the '00s. Great list, great blurbs, superb.

I rejiggered some of my links around, particularly the blogroll. If I delinked you, as Jermaine said back in '89, don't take it personal. My blogger pendulum has swung back, hard, to musicblogs this past year. Check out the new additions, too.

Eric Goodman's Child of My Right Hand is heartbreakingly good, maybe the best novel of 2004. If you dig midwestern-set novels, novels about the complexity of adult relationships, and/or novels about gay teens, go for it. And actually, you should even if you don't. A+ I'm now rereading Felice Picano's Onyx, my second-favorite of his novels (after the sprawling, epic Like People In History), and his most readable (and sexiest, frankly).

I'm still working my way through H.G. Bissinger's Friday Night Lights, too, and it's as-good-if-not-better-than the film, which is out on DVD this coming Tuesday, by the way. You can betcher ass I'll be picking it up. It includes one of '04's best performances, from Billy Bob Thornton.

If you couldn't figure it from the "aural" file to your right, that promised Amy Grant piece is being birthed right about now. Hold tight.

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