Monday, June 13, 2005

Matos passed this meme to me, and even if it was "more or less at random," I'm still honored, so here goes:

Total volume of music files on my computer: I have no idea, largely because my hard drive's been incapacitated for close to a year, now; I use my bf's computer. I do know that there are in the neighborhood of 6,000 songs/music files on my PC, which I hope to excavate one of these days. Dunno what the volume of that is. And I have no iPod. Please feel sorry for me.

Last CD I bought was...: Well, to me there should be 2 categories here. There's the last one I bought to review (yes, I have to buy those, I don't get review copies), which is K-Ci & Jo-Jo's All My Life: Their Greatest Hits, which I'm reviewing for Stylus in tandem with Jodeci's Back to the Future: The Very Best of. Then there's the last one I bought for pure pleasure, which is another hits comp, George Jones' 50 Years of Hits, which is a fuckin' awesome collection of 50 songs which are either classics, near-classics, or should-be-classics, from the greatest male vocalist of all time. Ya heard?!

Song playing right now: The sublime computer funk jam "This Party's Jam Packed" by Dwayne Omarr, which inexplicably never even graced Billboard's Hot R&B Singles chart. A crime! [Thanks to Nate for the introduction.]

Five songs I listen to a lot these days: Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl," Jodeci's "I'm Still Waiting," "The Song of Everything" by Los Super 7 featuring Raul Malo, "Rainy Night In Georgia" by Sam Moore & Conway Twitty (from the '94 Rhythm Country and Blues comp and well worth digging for), and "Flesh & Blood" by Scritti Politti (with Ranking Ann).

And in the spirit of Matos's invitation, which he just posted on his blog without alerting any of the folks he chose, I'll do the same with the following, chosen specifically 'cause I wanna read their answers:
Chris Nelson
• Paul Cox (currently sans blog - you can post yours in the Comments)
Anthony Miccio
Curt Beery (since your site's not a blog, you can use the space provided in the Comments too)
Bob Mould (dunno if he's still reading, but I'd love a musician's perspective)


Cool topic, and good idea about the comments.

Computer: looks like 2134 songs at 8.11 GB, apparently 5 2/3 days of music.

Last CD: Team Sleep, self-titled

Right now: "Death Car" from the first Wheat record

5 songs: In this era of shuffle play and playlists, I'm still an album guy, so 5 current faves are Josh Rouse Nashville, Team Sleep, The Stills Logic Will Break Your Heart and the first two Sunny Day Real Estate albums.
Cosmic anecdote:

I have this clock/radio alarm clock with a CD player on which you can set the alarm to play any track on the inserted CD. I got it, years ago, about the same time I got my first CD burner, imagining that I'd burn volumes and volumes of mix discs for easy programming of wake-up tunes.

Chalk it up to laziness that I never burned such a disc or even told the player to use anything but track 1, and I'd usually be too slovenly to change the disc more often than months apart; I think I woke up to the 2nd Castor disc for more than a year.

For last month or so it's been the Bloc Party EP in the mornings until I popped it out last night to loan it out. The replacement, which I groggily woke to for the first time this morning was the Meat Puppets "Up On The Sun." 16 hours later I'm reading that it's Matos's "playing right now" track. Weird.
Why don't I ever see things 'til after the fact.
Total volume of music files on my computer: Somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 gb spread over both a C:\ drive and a D:\ drive.

Last CD I bought was...: Fleetwood Mac's remastered and extended version of Rumours. I usually don't go in for remasters, because the level of improvement isn't worth the expense. But they did a wonderful job on these.

Song playing right now: Shout Out Louds, "Please Please Please"

Five songs I listen to a lot these days:

Art Brut "Formed A Band" (and the entire LP, really)
LCD Soundsystem "Disco Infiltrator"
Françoiz Breut "Over All"
Kissogram "Owda Awda (Back Johnny Back)"
Vive La Fête "Folie"
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