Friday, August 19, 2005

Besides the fact that Missy Elliott's new Cookbook is, like every other album she's released, only just fair-to-middling (has ever such a great singles artist been so incapable of making a great album?), I'm rather peeved that almost no one's mentioned the incredibly offensive skit which precedes "Can't Stop." In it, Missy visits a nail salon - with the most appallingly stereotypical portrayal of an Asian nail tech possible ("You need exforiation!"). I know that, as the Avenue Q song says, "everybody's a little bit racist," but what a disappointment to learn that Missy thinks bigotry's good for a laugh.

Whatever, Mr. PC. All races have fun with stereotypes of other races. When it becomes hateful, then we have a problem.

Making fun of how new immigrants mangle English is good times for everyone, though.
Paul, you know better than to think of me as "Mr. PC" - but "making fun of how new immigrants mangle English" is NOT "good times for everyone." I'm surprised it's such "good times" for you.
Okay, mister sensitive.

Are you going to tell me that the girls in the Vietnamese nail boutique DON'T talk like that (if they even speak English at all)?
Actually, I just went back and listened to it and I'm convinced that's Alex Borstein reprising her Mrs. Swan character from Mad TV (probably the only funny thing to ever originate on that show).
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