Monday, October 03, 2005

Long day, too much bus-riding (job interview), exhausted and hungry, stop at Souplantation for a late lunch. I try the Field Corn & Very Wild Rice, and wowza - dressed in a honey-dijon vinaigrette which doesn't overwhelm, full of meaty lima beans, good and sweet corn, sweet red onion, healthy chunks of perfectly ripe tomato, with cilantro accents and a nicely peppery aftertaste (while still not overpowering any of the individual ingredients, all of which stand out, their tastes simultaneously melding mellowly) - well, wowza! You could nearly serve this as a main course, especially in summer; served cold, it's oh so refreshing. I had two servings, one as a starter and one just before dessert (warm, perfectly textured [barely crusty outside, tender, moist inside] brownie underneath decent vanilla soft-serve with a slight drizzle of warm, high-quality chocolate sauce). Further proof that great, not just good, food can be found anywhere, so keep a lookout.

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