Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Speed round:

You MUST see the video for nine inch nails' "Only," directed by David Fincher and easily the tops this year. Here's a link.

Speaking of vids, why in the world hasn't the video for the Killers' "All These Things That I've Done" gotten more talk/heat/airplay/et cetera? Not only is it the first clip in years directed by giant Anton Corbijn, it's a beautifully twisted trailer-park spaghetti western, so obv. one of '05's best videos I just don't get why everyone (else) doesn't get it.

According to the fine folks at Popjustice - and they'd know - West End Girls are a Swedish duo who cover, yep, Pet Shop Boys songs, and have actually gotten signed, to SonyBMG Sweden. Their first single is a cover of "Domino Dancing," and it actually sounds rather good; take a listen here.

Sean Paul's return, "We Be Burnin'," is absurdly hot, no doubt his best (U.S.) single ever. Relentless beat, great rap, what more do you need?

The same can't be said, however, for the return of Big & Rich The title track from their sophomore effort, Comin' to Your City, isn't good at all. Musically it's basically a rework of "Save A Horse," and lyrically it's even sadder, a lame travelogue ("L.A.'s got the freaks," etc.) spiced with lines such as "If you wanna little bang in your yin-yang come along." No thanks.

How the hell did Gorillaz' "Feel Good Inc." become one of the global singles of the year? 7 weeks atop the U.S. Modern Rock chart? What kind of k-hole have we fallen down? (I'm quite happy with it, don't misunderstand me, just befuddled.)

Akon, get your Muppet-sounding ass back home and stop irritating the world with it. Please.

Next month. Double album. First in 12 years. Kate Bush. And The Guardian says, Hallelujah! (Link from Coolfer.)

Love the West End Girls.
The Killers' rather touching attempt to channel Depeche Mode's mythos works too fleetingly for my taste. Brandon Flowers tries too hard to be effete and metrosexual; it works only in the shower scene (in which he's cute pounding the walls in frustration).
I've actually heard quite a bit about that Killers video recently, so I'm surprised it's been overlooked.

I can't see that NIN video, which bugs the crap out of me.
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