Sunday, January 01, 2006

Best of 2005, hands down.
Breathtaking. Devastating. Astonishing.
(And it made me cry, in the theatre.)

but ... Brokeback Mtn vs. Tropical Malady?
I've not seen the latter. I take it I should?
You're just about the only gay male friend of mine who's seen it and given it a good report. Always the contrarian, aren't you?!
I liked it a lot too, so fuck all y'all.
And I had problems with Tropical Malady.
Tell us about this problems. No fair just mentioning them.
The 'mos who don't like it are dumb. Yeah, it's about repression - that's kinda the point! It's based on a work of fiction, bitches. If you want a big happy shiny gay movie, watch some TLA crap.
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