Sunday, May 28, 2006

5/30/06: Now updated with commentary!

This weekend's haul:
-The Lion in Winter DVD
-Aretha Franklin, 30 Greatest Hits 1
-Incognito, 20th Century Masters/The Millenium Collection* 2
-Ying Yang Twins, U.S.A. Still United** 3
-Guns N' Roses, Live Era '87-'93 4
-Elvis Presley, Hitstory 5
-Pet Shop Boys, Introspective/Further Listening 1988-1989 6
-The Smithereens, From Jersey It Came! The Smithereens Anthology 7
-Tears for Fears, Songs from the Big Chair - Deluxe Edition* 8

*Newly released, if not exactly current.
**See? I do too buy new music! Includes "Ms. New Booty."

1 The 1987 classic comp. Absolutely immaculate.
2 Gorgeously consistant, great both as wallpaper and as an active listening experience, akin to Sade's best-of.
3 Odds & sods, and possibly better than U.S.A.
4 Remember when they were er, gunning for the title of World's Greatest Rock'n'Roll Band? This is the proof.
5 91 tracks! 30 #1 Hits plus 2nd to None plus a third all-the-other-important-ones equals a true must-have Elvis comp.
6 Includes the demo version of "Nothing Has Been Proved," which they wrote/produced for Dusty Springfield for the film Scandal - still one of the best songs ever touched by the hands of PSB.
7 Maybe more than you need, but still superior to the single-disc comps floating around. Besides, half of Especially for You is not too much
8 WOW. I've loved this album for almost 21 (!) years, now, but never like this. The remastering job is superb, but that's only the start of it. 7 b-sides, including the much-loved-by-me-since-I-learned-'em-on-their-b-sides-comp-years-ago "Pharoahs" (British shipping forecasts!) and "When in Love with a Blind Man", another 7 7" edits (which you actually do need), and a further 5 12" mixes. This is what Deluxe Editions were meant to be. Casual fans will be fine with the remastered single-disc version, but big fans of Big Chair need this more than they know.

I can't decide who's queenier: Peter O'Toole or Kate Hepburn.
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