Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Christgau on NIN's The Fragile:

"What puts me off Nine Inch Nails' double-hoohah, on the other hand, is that Trent Reznor evinces neither, unless you think musical intelligence equals human intelligence, his con for years--always with music that says things like 'dream job: emperor' and 'more fun than death by injection.'"

While I happen to like and defend The Fragile (it is too good, even if time hasn't been particularly kind to it), this is just yet another example of how fucking great the Dean's writing is, at its best. As it would happen, his best often seems to happen with his Pazz & Jop essays, all - all! - of which you can find right here. Yay, yay, yay. (Really, more crix need websites like his.) I've said it before, etc.: Robert Christgau is the #1 reason why I write record reviews. Period.

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