Monday, August 07, 2006


Hallelujah! Finally, at last, about time, etc.: the best of Ebert, in book form. (His greatest strength has always been in the written word.) Details here. Also, an update on Roger's condition from his wife Chaz. (Links from Movie City Indie.) It's funny: in much of the country, Ebert & Roeper is on circa 1:30am Sundays; here in L.A., it's at 6:30pm Sundays, sandwiched in between the news and the start of prime time. It's like the Times says in their advertising - we live movies out here. The bf & I watched Roeper get back on the horse with special guest Jay Leno - yes, Leno - last night, and it was entertaining enough. Leno, I think, might know more than he let on; he sounded too pedestrian, for the most part. Next week, Roeper faces off against Kevin Smith, which should be very interesting television at the least, and who-knows at the most.

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